About Us

Crypto Fund Research is the leading provider of data and market intelligence covering crypto hedge funds and venture capital.

Based in San Francisco and founded in 2017, Crypto Fund Research is the most trusted source of data, insights, and tools for crypto and blockchain investment professionals around the globe.

Our Story

Who We Are

We provide in-depth crypto fund data, research, and market intelligence to support our growing global client base involved in developing the crypto investment space. Our clients’ businesses span fundraising, investor relations, asset management and allocation, fund manager selection, and business development.

We also work closely with various media organizations, institutions, and universities to promote transparency and a greater understanding of crypto investment funds.

In addition to our industry leading list of crypto funds, we offer the largest crypto fund performance database and the Venture Funding Finder, a unique tool designed to help founders connect with crypto VCs and other investment managers.

We cover:

  • Crypto hedge funds
  • Crypto VCs
  • Crypto private equity
  • Crypto index funds and ETFs

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Accurate and timely data stands as the foundation of everything we do.


Crypto Fund Research strives to continue to lead the way in providing its clients with the most up-to-date data, research, and market intelligence spanning the global crypto fund investment industry.


We believe that widespread institutional adoption of crypto is coming. Our tools provide the missing link between institutional investors and cryptocurrency investment managers.


In no industry is accurate and timely information more necessary than in the crypto space. We provide an important element of transparency through our constantly updated research and databases.

Recent Years

Our History


Increased institutional demand prompts the creation of two cutting-edge new database products.

  • Venture Funding Finder launched
  • Crypto Fund Performance database created through collaboration with over 100 leading crypto funds
  • Development of institutional partnerships


Growing awareness of the crypto funds leads to widespread media coverage of Crypto Fund Research and growing demand for new data sources.

  • Crypto fund coverage reaches 800+ funds
  • Media coverage in more than 100 leading financial and industry publications
  • Full-fledged team recruit


Crypto Fund Research was founded in 2017 as an offshoot of The Blue Heron Group LLC, due to growing demand from consulting clients for a greater understanding of the crypto investment universe. 

  • The Crypto Fund List is created
  • Formation of dedicated crypto fund research team
  • San Francisco office opened



The largest and most comprehensive downloadable list of crypto funds.


The premier tool connecting crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs with crypto VCs.

Crypto Fund Performance Database

The leading source for crypto fund performance information and operational due diligence.

A Crypto Investment Fund Research Firm.

Bringing transparency to the crypto investment space through timely and accurate data and research.


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