The Venture Funding Finder

800+ Crypto Funds

3,800+ Portfolio Investments

2,200+ VC and Hedge Fund Employee Profiles

The Venture Funding Finder is the ultimate tool for blockchain and crypto startup founders looking to connect with crypto VCs, hybrid funds, and hedge funds.

The Venture Funding Finder is designed specifically for blockchain founders and entrepreneurs looking to get into the deal flow of leading crypto venture capital funds and hybrid crypto funds. Membership includes unlimited access to our downloadable Crypto Fund List as well online access to our easy-to-use and fully filterable online database.


Venture Funding Finder Features

Crypto venture capital funding finder tool for Mac and PC

excel download of crypto fund data  Download Data in Excel Format

online access to crypto fund performance  Online Access to Performance Database

Database of 800+ crypto funds  800+ Crypto Hedge Funds and VC

2000 crypto fund employees  2000+ Crypto Fund Employee Profiles

4000 blockchain investments  Data on 3,800 Blockchain Investments

50 columns data per crypto fund  50 Columns of Data per Fund

sort and filter funds  Easily Search, Sort, and Filter

for blockchain founders  Designed for Blockchain Founders

blockchain vc deal flow  Get in Crypto VCs’ Deal Flow

24-7 support  24/7 Online Support

Designed For

Founders and Entrepreneurs

Funding for blockchain startups has become increasingly competitive. The Venture Funding Finder is designed specifically to help founders insert their startup into the deal flow of leading crypto, and traditional, venture capital funds.

Service and Data Providers

Crypto funds continue to launch at an impressive rate. Though designed for founders, the downloadable and online crypto fund databases are also an ideal solution for service providers targeting crypto funds.

Fund Managers

Own or operate a traditional fund or crypto fund? The Venture Funding Finder is a great way to stay on top of what other crypto fund managers are doing. For maximum competitive intelligence, sign up for the performance database.

Research and Consulting

The crypto world moves quickly. This is particularly true for the crypto fund space. The Venture Funding Finder’s online database is the premier tool for conducting research on crypto fund investment managers.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Media Coverage


What's included in the Venture Funding Finder?

The Venture Funding Finder includes:

  • Unlimited downloads of the Crypto Fund List
  • Full online access to the Venture Funding Finder database of 800+ crypto funds, 2,000+ fund employees, and data on 3,800 fund investments in blockchain companies
  • 24/7 online support


How can I pay?

You can purchase via most major credit cards or PayPal.

How do I know your info is reliable?

We have been researching hedge funds, venture capital, and other alternative investment funds since 2007. We are now the world’s largest provider of data on crypto funds and our research has been featured in more than 100 financial publications including CoinDesk, Blooomberg, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and MarketWatch.

See for yourself by trying the demo:

Venture Funding Finder Demo

When was the data last updated?

We are constantly updating our database with new funds, updated contact info and stats, and adding new categories of information to our list.

Updates are posted at least every 30 days.

What other services do you provide?

While our Venture Funding Finder is specifically designed for blockchain and crypto startups, it is used by funds, research groups, and service provider. You can also view our other products:

The Crypto Fund List

The Crypto Fund List is our original tool providing comprehensive data on crypto funds. Delivered as an Excel download, the Crypto Fund List has served more than 1,000 individual and institutional clients since 2017.

The Crypto Fund Performance Database

Available exclusively to accredited investors and qualified purchasers, the Crypto Fund Performance Database is a first of its kind institutional-quality database that provides detailed performance info for more than 250 crypto funds.

view crypto fund performance database

Consulting Services

Through our consulting division, we have provided a variety of financial institutions, research groups, news organizations, and universities with detailed market intelligence on the crypto investment space. While our three product offerings provide a  comprehensive view of the industry, we can provide select clients with even more in-depth intelligence and analysis.

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