2018 Crypto Fund Launches


2017 was a record year for launches of new cryptocurrency investment funds. So far in 2018, the rate of new crypto fund launches has actually accelerated. Even with a slowing of cryptocurrency prices, we are on pace for a record 200+ new launches for 2018, including crypto hedge funds, crypto venture funds, and crypto private equity.

The United States is home to more crypto fund launches than any other country. This is not terribly surprising and is consistent with the US leading the world in terms of hedge funds and venture capital generally. However, we are also continuing to see new crypto funds launched in Asia, Europe, as well as offshore. Even Mexico now lays claim to having a cryptocurrency hedge fund.

Below you will find a list of cryptocurrency fund launches for 2018. We will continue to update this page as new funds are launched so be sure to check back frequently.



2018 Crypto Fund Launches (YTD)

Fund NameCityCountryLaunch YearType
08 CapitalMadridSpain2018Venture Capital
256 VenturesSingaporeSingapore2018Venture Capital
7 BlockchainSan FranciscoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Aenigma CapitalSanta MonicaUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Amber AI GroupShenzenChina2018Hedge Fund
Anti Hero CapitalMelbourneAustralia2018Venture Capital
Apex Token FundSan FranciscoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Apollo CapitalCremorneAustralia2018Venture Capital
Arca FundsLos AngelesUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Arturo CapitalGolden ValleyUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Austere CapitalNew YorkUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Autark VenturesZugSwitzerland2018Venture Capital
AuthoritoPalo AltoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
AVG BlockchainWalthamUnited States2018Venture Capital
Banz CapitalNew YorkUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Beco VenturesShanghaiChina2018Venture Capital
Bitcoin Investment Fund Inc.NashvilleUnited States2018Hedge Fund
BitPride FundMoscowRussia2018Hedge Fund
Bixin CapitalBeijingChina2018Venture Capital
BKFundShanghaiChina2018Venture Capital
Black Edge CapitalSingaporeSingapore2018Venture Capital
Black Square CapitalWashingtonUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Blackhorse GroupHong KongHong Kong2018Venture Capital
Blackmoon CryptoLimassolCyprus2018Hedge Fund
Block Crafters CapitalSingaporeSingapore2018Venture Capital
Block Key CapitalLewesUnited States2018Venture Capital
Block Venture ProjectLondonUnited Kingdom2018Venture Capital
Block View CapitalLincolnwoodUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Block XVancouverCanada2018Hedge Fund
Block X VenturesSingaporeSingapore2018Venture Capital
BlockBay CapitalAmsterdamThe Netherlands2018Hedge Fund
Blockchain iSeoulKorea2018Venture Capital
Blockchain Open FundVilniusLithuania2018Venture Capital
Blockchain Valley Ventures AGZugSwitzerland2018Venture Capital
BlockChange CapitalLisbonPortugal2018Venture Capital
Blockforce CapitalSan DiegoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Blockhead CapitalSanta MonicaUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Blockhill Ventures AGZugSwitzerland2018Venture Capital
BlockoxFundChengDuChina2018Hedge Fund
Blockr CapitalSeoulSouth Korea2018Venture Capital
BlockRidge CapitalWillingboroUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Blockstars CapitalLondonUnited Kingdom2018Hedge Fund
BlockStateZugSwitzerland2018Hedge Fund
BlockTeam VenturesSanta MonicaUnited States2018Venture Capital
BlockTech Capital PartnersCummingsUnited States2018Venture Capital
BlockTerra CapitalSan DiegoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Blocktown CapitalClawsonUnited States2018Venture Capital
Blocktree CapitalSan FranciscoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Blocktree CapitalBagaloreIndia2018Venture Capital
Blocktree CapitalSan MateoUnited States2018Venture Capital
Blockwater CapitalSeoulSouth Korea2018Venture Capital
Blue Alpha Blockchain CapitalDarienUnited States2018Venture Capital
Blue Node CapitalHong KongHong Kong2018Venture Capital
BlueBlockHong KongHong Kong2018Venture Capital
Boğaziçi VenturesIstanbulTurkey2018Hedge Fund
BullCoin GoldSingaporeSingapore2018Hedge Fund
Byzantine PartnersSeoulKorea2018Venture Capital
Castle Island VenturesCambridgeUnited States2018Venture Capital
ChainLink Crypto FundOaklandUnited States2018Hedge Fund
CityBlock CapitalNew YorkUnited States2018Venture Capital
CoinAlphaMountain ViewUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Coinbase Index FundSan FranciscoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Coinful CapitalTaipei CityTaiwan2018Hedge Fund
Countinghouse FundStirlingAustralia2018Hedge Fund
Crypto Asset PartnersChicagoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Crypto Capital Investments LLCSan DiegoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Crypto Core CapitalManalapanUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Crypto Partners InvestLondonUnited Kingdom2018Hedge Fund
Crypto Valley Venture CapitalZugSwitzerland2018Venture Capital
Crypto-Currency Investment FundGrand CaymanCayman Islands2018Hedge Fund
Cryptonomics CapitalSan FranciscoUnited States2018Venture Capital
DeblockSeoulSouth Korea2018Venture Capital
Digichain CapitalAdelaideAustralia2018Hedge Fund
Digital Bridge CapitalNew YorkUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Diversacoin CapitalAustinUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Dominus Digital Asset ManagementYorkUnited Kingdom2018Hedge Fund
Dreamscape CapitalGrand CaymanCayman Islands2018Hedge Fund
Du CapitalSingaporeSingapore2018Venture Capital
DYOR CapitalSingaporeSingapore2018Venture Capital
Eterna CapitalLondonUnited Kingdom2018Venture Capital
Evermont Digital AssetsBrooklynUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Every Capital PTYAdelaideAustralia2018Hedge Fund
Exagon Crypto FundMinneapolisUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Exorior CapitalVilniusLithuania2018Hedge Fund
First Digital CapitalSubiacoAustralia2018Venture Capital
FISCOTokyoJapan2018Hedge Fund
Fractal InvestmentsSan FranciscoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
GenesisLos AngelesUnited States2018Venture Capital
GenesysOne CryptoLos AngelesUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Goren Holm VenturesWestlake VilageUnited States2018Venture Capital
Grand Shore VenturesMenlo ParkUnited States2018Venture Capital
Gumi CryptosTokyoJapan2018Venture Capital
HODLNew YorkUnited States2018Venture Capital
How 2 Ventures LLCSan FranciscoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Hyperblock Capital FundLondonUnited Kingdom2018Venture Capital
Hyperlink CapitalAlbstadtGermany2018Venture Capital
Ikigai Asset ManagementMarina Del ReyUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Infinity Blockchain VenturesBangkokThailand2018Venture Capital
IronChain CapitalSan FranciscoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Jaguar Crypto FundNew YorkUnited States2018Hedge Fund
JKRB InvestmentsLondonUnited Kingdom2018Venture Capital
JM3 CapitalGenevaSwitzerland2018Venture Capital
JRR CryptoShanghaiChina2018Venture Capital
KaizenVCZurichSwitzerland2018Venture Capital
Katalyst CapitalShanghaiChina2018Venture Capital
Keiretsu CapitalSeattleUnited States2018Venture Capital
Keiretsu CapitalSan FranciscoUnited States2018Venture Capital
Kintaro CapitalSan GwannMalta2018Hedge Fund
LedgerZ CapitalBeijingChina2018Venture Capital
Lucid Crypto InvestmentsNew YorkUnited States2018Hedge Fund
LuneX VenturesSingaporeSingapore2018Venture Capital
Majestic Asset ManagementMontrealCanada2018Hedge Fund
Manana CapitalPragueCzech Republic2018Hedge Fund
Metropolis VCSan FranciscoUnited States2018Venture Capital
Moda CapitalAmsterdamThe Netherlands2018Hedge Fund
Moonchain CapitalGenevaSwitzerland2018Hedge Fund
NEO Global CapitalSingaporeSingapore2018Venture Capital
NeufundBerlinGermany2018Hedge Fund
New Dawn FundVictoriaAustralia2018Hedge Fund
Nodemads FundPalm BeachUnited States2018Hedge Fund
O1exKanpurIndia2018Hedge Fund
Obsidian CapitalLondonUnited Kingdom2018Venture Capital
ODIN 88 Crypto FundSan FranciscoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Olymp CapitalLuxembourgLuxembourg2018Hedge Fund
Orange Crypto CapitalRotterdamThe Netherlands2018Hedge Fund
Orca CapitalMexico CityMexico2018Hedge Fund
Origin CapitalSingaporeSingapore2018Venture Capital
Palmy FundNewport BeachUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Plasma CapitalGeorge TownCayman Islands2018Hedge Fund
Plutus 21DallasUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Pod CapitalBondi JunctionAustralia2018Venture Capital
Polvo CapitalSao PauloBrazil2018Venture Capital
Polynexus CapitalChicagoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Postera CapitalDusseldorfGermany2018Hedge Fund
Prime Factor CapitalLondonUnited Kingdom2018Hedge Fund
Quantia CapitalBuenos AiresArgentina2018Hedge Fund
Reflective VenturesSeattleUnited States2018Venture Capital
Scow CapitalBostonUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Shibumi Crypto Capital Digital Asset FundPhiladelphiaUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Shomei CapitalNew YorkUnited States2018Venture Capital
Silurus FundGrand CaymanCayman Islands2018Hedge Fund
Smartblock CapitalDallasUnited States2018Private Equity
Sora VenturesHong KongHong Kong2018Venture Capital
Sustany CapitalNewport BeachUnited States2018Venture Capital
Switchboard FundSanta MonicaUnited States2018Venture Capital
Symmetry FundGeorge TownCayman Islands2018Venture Capital
Syntrina CapitalIndianapolisUnited States2018Venture Capital
Tangency CapitalHamiltonBermuda2018Hedge Fund
Taureon CapitalSan FranciscoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
The Ilios GroupChicagoUnited States2018Hedge Fund
The Ledger GroupWashingtonUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Tident Crypto FundMaltaMalta2018Hedge Fund
Titan Crypto ManagementPhiladelphiaUnited States2018Venture Capital
TMT InvestmentsLos AngelesUnited States2018Venture Capital
Tradecraft CapitalSanta MonicaUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Transcendence CapitalNew YorkUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Translunar OneAustinUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Trecento Blockchain CapitalGenevaSwitzerland2018Hedge Fund
Tunlan CapitalZhejiangChina2018Venture Capital
Unblock VenturesHong KongHong Kong2018Venture Capital
Vellum CapitalGrand RapidsUnited States2018Hedge Fund
Web3 CapitalSan FranciscoUnited States2018Venture Capital
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