Crypto Fund Flows

Cash flows into and out of crypto hedge funds are an important indicator of investor sentiment.

Each month, Crypto Fund Research tracks the flow of investor funds into and out of dozens of crypto hedge funds, as well as gross changes in fund assets. These metrics include only active managed crypto hedge funds and exclude crypto index funds and crypto venture funds.

Only actively managed crypto funds are included in the fund flow metrics provided below. ETFs, index funds, and other funds utilizing passive management styles are not included.

Three metrics for crypto fund flows are shown:

Crypto Fund Net Flows

Crypto Fund Net Flows shows the absolute volume of money investors put into or withdrew from crypto hedge funds. This is the net total of investor subscriptions and redemptions, measured in USD, and is independent of changes in fund assets due to fund performance.

Crypto Fund Net Percentage Flows

Crypto Fund Net Percentage Flows shows the total amount of money investors put into or withdrew from crypto hedge funds as a percentage of the total assets reported in the prior period.

Crypto Fund AUM Change

Crypto Fund AUM Change shows the total change in crypto hedge fund assets under management (AUM), including changes due to net flows as well as changes in AUM due to performance. Data is reported in USD.