Crypto Fund Performance Database Demo

The Performance Database is the largest and most comprehensive performance database for crypto funds. The database includes more than 800 crypto hedge funds and venture capital funds with reported and estimated monthly and annual performance data for more than 300 funds.

No crypto fund database comes close to matching the breadth and coverage of the Crypto Fund Research Performance Database. In addition to the database of 750 funds, 260 of which have performance info, subscribers also get unlimited access to the downloadable Crypto Fund List and the Fund Mapping tools seen below.

*The Performance Database is only available to accredited investors and qualified purchasers/clients.

Get Full Access to the Crypto Fund Performance Database

 Full access to the fully sortable and filterable Online Crypto Fund Performance Database

 Visualize funds with full access to the Crypto Fund Map Tool

 Unlimited access to the downloadable Crypto Fund List, in Excel Format

Full access for just $977/yr

Online Crypto Fund Performance Database

Note: This demo version only displays info on a limited number of funds (and related companies/people). Some demo version functionality is limited, return data is simulated, and does not contain the latest updates which are available in the paid version.

View on laptop or desktop computer for best results and full functionality.

Crypto Fund Map Tool

The Crypto Fund Map tool allows users to search funds by location or visualize funds by region.

Note: The demo map only includes the limited number of funds listed above. For full access please sign up.

Sample Crypto Fund List

The Crypto Fund Performance Database also includes unlimited access to the downloadable Crypto Fund List ($387 value). You can download a sample of this list below:

Downloadable database of crypto funds

Crypto Fund List Sample (3419 downloads)


View sample on Google Sheets

Download Performance Data in Excel

The Crypto Fund Performance Database allows users to download fund info and performance info into Excel for use with various analytics programs. This feature is not shown in demo version.

crypto fund list screenshots