Top Crypto Fund Launches of 2023

Through the first half of 2023, crypto funds have raised $2.9 billion in new funds. This is down significantly from the $17 billion raised in the first half of 2022 and the $18 billion raised in 2021.

Venom Ventures $1 billion fund is the largest crypto fund launch of 2023. Hashkey and Bitdeer Technologies both launched $500 million funds.

Hivemind Capital’s $300 million fund is the largest hedge fund launch in the crypto space for 2023.


Here are the top 12 crypto fund launches of 2023:

1) Venom Ventures Fund -$1 billion

2) Hashkey – $500 million

3) Bitdeer Technologies – $500 million

4) Hivemind Capital – $300 million

5) Tribe Capital – $100 million

6) Alpha Sigma Capital – $100 million

7) Bitget – $100 million

8) Cypher Capital – $100 million

9) Borderless Capital – $50 million

10) Dispersion Capital – $40 million

11) ProDigital Future – $30 million

12) BxB Capital – $30 million

2023 crypto fund launches

Venom Ventures Fund

With $1 billion in committed capital, Venom Ventures Fund was the largest crypto fund launch of 2023.

Venom Ventures Fund is led by ex-Blackrock CIO, Peter Knez. The Venom blockchain is the product of Venom Foundation, regulated under the ADGM.


$1,000,000,000 USD


Hashkey Capital is a global blockchain investor with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. In 2023, the firm announced it was launching its third fund – HashKey FinTech Investment Fund III, with $500 million in capital raised from institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds.

Bitdeer Technologies

Crypto mining firm Bitdeer Group announced in May, 2023 it had raised $500 million, in conjunction with Bhutan, to deploy a 100% carbon-free Bitcoin mining operation. 

Bitdeer is based in Singapore.

Hivemind Capital

Founded by former Citigrtoug Exec Matt Zhang, digital asset investment firm Hivemind Capital Partners announced in June, 2023 it was launching a $300 million fund. The open-ended fund will invest in liquid cryptocurrencies, making it the leading crypto hedge fund raise of 2023. Typically the largest fund raises in the space are venture-style funds.

Tribe Capital

Menlo Park, CA based Tribe Capital is a venture firm with over $1 billion in assets. There most recent fund, Digital Future Fund I, aims to make investments in layer 1 and layer 2 ecosystems as well as De-Fi. Tribe previously raised a $75 million crypto fund in 2021.

Alpha Sigma Capital

ASC focuses on investing in growth companies via digital assets, private and public equity, mergers and acquisitions, and special situations.

The firm announced it would raise two funds, in conjunction with Transform Ventures, totaling $100 million.

Cypher Capital

Cypher Capital is a Duabi-based early stage venture firm focused on Web 3.

There latest $100 million seed fund will invest in blockchain, crypto, and other digital asset projects. The firm is also constructing a 10,000 square foot digital asset hub in Dubai.

Bitget Group

Established in 2018, Seychelles-based crypto exchange Bitget has started a $100 million fund targeting Web3 startups as Asian countries build a framework for developing Web3.

The launch of this fund follows the fund’s $30 million investment into decentralized multi-chain wallet BitKeep.

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