2018 Overview

There have been 61 crypto funds launched in 2018 – on pace for more than 200 launches for the year. This would exceed the record 180 crypto funds launched in 2017.  The pace of crypto fund launches really began accelerating in 2017 amidst rapid appreciation in cryptocurrency prices. This has continued in 2018 despite substantially lower prices.

Of the crypto funds launched in 2018, about half are hedge funds or tokenized investment funds investing primarily in cryptocurrencies. The other half consists largely of venture capital funds investing in startup blockchain companies.

Most of the funds launched are still quite small. Plympton Capital, founded by four Harvard students to invest in cryptocurrencies, has under $1 million in assets (and has since closed). On the other end of the spectrum, Houbi, the world’s third largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced its plan to to set up a $1 billion fund to invest in blockchain startups in China. Because China has banned ICOs, Houbi’s investments will likely be via traditional venture capital.

There are other non-traditional players getting involved as well. The US’ leading crypto exchange, Coinbase, announced plans to start an early-stage venture fund. Likewise, Gumi, a Japanese mobile gaming firm, announced plans to start a $30 million venture fund to invest in blockchain companies across the globe.

2018 is on pace to be a record year for crypto fund launches. At the current rate, there will be 200+ new funds launched this year.

Just over half of new crypto funds launched this year are hedge funds or tokenized investment funds investing primarily in cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The other half is mostly venture capital funds investing in startup blockchain companies.

With 29 of the 61 launches so far in 2018, the United States remains the leading country for new crypto funds. The UK and Australia each had four fund launch this year. Australia has already had more fund launched in the first five months of 2018 than in 2017 and 2017 combined.


2018 Crypto Fund Launch Heatmap

Heatmap of crypto fund launches by location

Crypto funds launched in 20 different countries in 2018, with the majority based in the US and Europe.

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