Gadze Finance – Fund Profile

We use yield farming, liquidity provision, arbitrage, and dynamic hedging strategies to generate predictable returns while minimizing risk.

Gadze Finance Overview

Gadze Finance Address  Address:
Gadze Finance

George Town
Cayman Islands

phone and fax  Phone:

website  Website URL:

Gadze Finance LinkedIn and Crunchbase  Social Media:

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Gadze Finance

Gadze Finance Stats and Figures

fund type Fund Type: Crypto Venture Capital

region Region: Offshore

Gadze Finance AUM Assets Under Management (AUM): $25.0 million More info on Gadze Finance AUM

number of employees at Gadze Finance # of Employees: 2

# of blockchain investments # of Blockchain/Crypto Investments:  Gadze Finance portfolio holdings

Crypto only? Blockchain/Crypto Specific Fund? Yes blockchain/crypto only fund.

Gadze Finance founded Year Founded: 2021

Gadze Finance Performance Info Performance: Monthly performance data for Gadze Finance is not currently available Performance Data for Gadze Finance.

Chart of Gadze Finance monthly and annual performance

Gadze Finance Portfolio Holdings

Gadze Finance Key People

Mike Silagadze

CEO and Founder

Mike Silagadze, CEO and Founder photo

Mike Silagadze email @Gadze FinanceMike Silagadze LinkedIn, Gadze Finance

Andrew McGrath


Andrew McGrath of Gadze Finance

Andrew McGrath email @Gadze FinanceAndrew McGrathLinkedIn

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