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Our investment philosophy is a computer-driven method for capitalizing on crypto-markets. We deliver active returns (?lpha) with programmatically executed solutions. At Insul? we believe that the cryptocurrencies market is inefficient. By operating on this market, Insul? both provides and benefits from deeper liquidity, better price discovery and a narrower market bid-ask spread, all together with increased certainty of execution. We thereby improve the ability of financial markets to allocate capital to its most productive uses. Both strategy (portfolio management) and execution (trading) is performed by algorithms. Our process iis runby algorithms to allow market operators to get rid of any form of bias that hinders? decision making. Although people are subject to making biased decisions, computers are designed to only make rational decisions. Moreover, our experiments are continuously rebalanced, running automatically 24/7. Trading is operated by bots trading the crypto assets? market that never closes, on a high frequency/low latency basis. ? Insul? provides market operators with cutting edge technology, combining the features of algorithmic trading and blockchain, that sets us apart from traditional assets that are largely arbitraged and exploited already.

Insula Investment Management Overview

Insula Investment Management Address  Address:
Insula Investment Management
29 Essex Street
United Kingdom

phone and fax  Phone: (44)755 121 8864

website  Website URL:

Insula Investment Management LinkedIn and Crunchbase  Social Media:

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Insula Investment Management

Insula Investment Management Stats and Figures

fund type Fund Type: Crypto Hedge Fund

region Region: Europe

Insula Investment Management AUM Assets Under Management (AUM): More info on Insula Investment Management AUM

number of employees at Insula Investment Management # of Employees: 5

# of blockchain investments # of Blockchain/Crypto Investments:  Insula Investment Management portfolio holdings

Crypto only? Blockchain/Crypto Specific Fund? YES blockchain/crypto only fund.

Insula Investment Management founded Year Founded: 2018

Insula Investment Management Performance Info Performance: Monthly performance data for Insula Investment Managementis not currently available Performance Data for Insula Investment Management.

Chart of Insula Investment Management monthly and annual performance

Insula Investment Management Portfolio Holdings

Insula Investment Management Key People

Jules Becci-Morin de la Rivière


Jules Becci-Morin de la Rivière, Founder photo

Jules Becci-Morin de la Rivière email @Insula Investment ManagementJules Becci-Morin de la Rivière LinkedIn, Insula Investment Management

Pierre Venereau

Head of Research and Development

Pierre Venereau of Insula Investment Management

Pierre Venereau email @Insula Investment ManagementPierre VenereauLinkedIn

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